Social business is overwhelming the Internet. Entrepreneurs should always remember that their business won't thrive if they don't have a web presence, let alone a Facebook fan page. As a business owner, you can't afford to lose the tremendous opportunity presented by Facebook.  Thousands of businesses have shifted to Facebook to enhance their marketing campaigns. With over 600 million active users, Facebook has become a true marketplace. Facebook users are potential customers of virtually any business. Facebook has paved the way for a new trend, which we like to call “social business”. With social business, every Like received by your Facebook fan page is relevant and beneficial to your business. Every recommendation through Likes and Shares matters.

Businesses have always benefited from traditional word-of-mouth marketing, after all, businesses and brands broaden their reach through these recommendations. Today, Facebook maximizes the science of recommending; a user's social network is relevant to a business. Whenever a friend or relative “Likes” a new pair of shoes or a day spa service, it goes through the feed that his contacts can see. That's instant PR for your product! Right? Users are not only potential customers, but also your walking ads!

But first things first, how can you establish a presence in the world of social business? Well, building a Facebook fan page is a great start.

Dell's Facebook Page promotes user engagement and idea collaboration.

Facebook Fan Pages are not the same as profile pages on Facebook. Fortunately, you can easily connect your new Facebook fan page to your personal Facebook account so you can manage your page. Your Facebook page should contain all the essential details your customers should know about your business.  Remember that the more information it contains, the greater the fan page is, because it will be more relevant to both your human visitors and search engines. Picture your fan page as your contact card on the Internet but only better.  Every “Like” will result to a bigger fan base that means a broader reach to make people aware of your brand.

Here are the important points:

– Overview of company

– Website and contact info

– Press releases

– Videos

– Blog RSS

– Twitter updates

– Company news and status

– Customer interaction

One of the great things about building a fan page on Facebook is that it is much easier than building even the most basic web site. It is simple to update and convenient to manage. But keep in mind that you can always have a Facebook developer work with you on enhancing your fan page with applications and custom designs. It is important to have your fan page connected to your business web site as well.

With this in mind, a Facebook campaign alone is not enough to define your web presence.  Connecting your fan page to your business web site, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts will provide integrated marketing strategies to apply for your business and establish a firm presence in the social media sphere.