A search giant started out as a mere research project in the mid-90's. Today, that search giant is known to all of us as Google. As Google broadens its horizons  with launching new products like Google Wallet, Google Places, and Google+, we can only surmise what the world's most-used search engine is cooking in its Google X lab that could bring more innovative tools for businesses and brands.

But before we get excited about what Google has in store for us soon. Let's take a peek at Google's latest blog post called “Evolution of Search in Six Minutes”. The blog post that has a timeline chart and a video explains how Google's methodology is with ranking and evaluation. It also highlights important trends such as Universal Results, Quick Answers, and The Future of Search. “Our goal is to get you to the answer you’re looking for faster and faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between your questions and the information you seek.” Google's Ben Gomes said.

Google's updated algorithm, the Stand-Out tag for news organizations and journalists, and Google Panda are recent tools in Google's effort to strive for original and relevant content for every user. Furthermore, Google's Android platform coupled with its Voice Search will possible bring search engine marketing to the next level. “My dream has always been to build the Star Trek computer.” says Google's Amit Singhal. People want instant answers to complex questions but what Google does best is giving instant answers without compromising the quality and relevance of content.

Check out the video below to watch Evolution of Search in Six Minutes: