Marketing nowadays is synonymous with social media. If your brand doesn't have an online presence then you don’t exist at all, let alone not having an established Facebook page or Twitter account. Brand awareness is an essential for companies to grow their businesses and increase ROI. Business owners are now realizing the value of online relationships to boost their PR.

Obviously, one of the most challenging roles for a business owner is to act as a social media manager. For many local businesses and start-ups, hiring a social media manager is not practical and less hands-on, businesses owners need to focus and a lot more time in managing their social media outreach to connect with their target niche and communities. Business owners should adhere to the mantra: “Get online to get offline.”

“Get online to get offline” seems a bit ironic at first, but big companies and start-ups alike are adhering to such. Businesses are placing a premium in their social media campaigns by being establishing a presence to relevant social media platforms. Facebook is a marketplace and users are potential customers, but don't speak like a salesman! Remember, as a business you have to enhance brand awareness and for you to do such, you have to connect with users on a personal level.

Local businesses have seen the value of having a Facebook fan page as a way to connect and build relationships with potential customers. Cheap and practical, a business owner doesn't need to be a social media guru to build and establish an effective Facebook page for his product. Connecting with potential customers on a personal level like sponsoring or attending community events can boost PR for your business not only online but offline as well. The more “personal” the approach is, the more enticing a brand is to a consumer.