It was a great Super Bowl game again this year, and the digital world was once again involved in a big way. Super Bowl XLVI had the most number of tweets for a sporting event, Twitter feedback reached 12,233 tweets per second when the Giants were triumphant over the Pats. And as fans cheered for their teams, search engine activity was climbing as well. Google reports on their blog that people were both watching the game while busy talking about it online through their mobile devices. It only shows that people are really accessing the Web via mobile.

Among the top trending searches on Google were: Giants, Patriots, Madonna, Tom Brady, and Halftime show. Google's Jeffrey Oldham says that 41% of searches related to Super Bowl Ads came from mobile devices. Famous Super Bowl ads were being viewed over at YouTube more than 30 million times before the event. M&M's, GoDaddy, and Acura were the top popular commercial in terms of Google search queries. check out the infographic below by Google for more Super Bowl XLVI online activity.