Google plans to relaunch real-time search. As search becomes more “social” nowadays, Google looks forward to integrating real-time search to its social networking platform – Google+. Infront of a search panel in Mountain View, California, Google's Amit Singhal detailed how real-time search as a product is losing value without real-time data indexed from social media sites.

Real-time search has been enhancing Google's search results until Facebook and Twitter finally noticed. Google and Twitter didn't reach a pact to pursue real-time search and user timeline integration. But with the launch of Google+, it seems Google has plans to make social search a reality without the help of Facebook posts or Retweets.

However, it seems to be more of search vs. social than social search synergy, why? News is spontaneous and sporadic whenever shared on Facebook or Twitter. People spend more time on social sites rather than search engines.  Google+ has really yet to go mainstream to allow Google a firm and steady source of real-time search. While Google+ is becoming a great content curation tool, it still needs a kick from Twitter's timelines.

As more users access the Internet using a mobile phone, Twitter still has the edge over Google in terms of real-time search. If Google+ keeps on showing tremendous growth this year, it'll make a difference and might make social search a reality. But for now, real-time search depends on social media platforms.