Don't put your pitch into Social Media

We've all heard it – you don't make sales in Social Media; you turn people off when you use Twitter and Facebook to sell.  But, really, if you aren't generating business from it, why invest the time or the money?

It is all about Community

Isn't that what you've been told?  The idea is to be friendly, helpful, funny, or entertaining (or ALL of those) and because you've developed a rapport with your community, when they need what you're selling they'll remember you.

What if that never happens?

Make Social About SearchYou can make it about Search

A well made Twitter profile or Facebook page will land in Google's search results pretty quickly.  If you've done your SEO homework on both of them, and made them as keyword rich as possible, they will show up in search results for your terms.

Facebook posts will turn up in Bing almost instantly, due to the ongoing relationship of Facebook and Microsoft, but Google picks them up too, and they add weight to your seo efforts.

And, never underestimate the power of Google+.  People may call it a ghost town, but when you consider the way YouTube videos show up in search results now that Google owns them, you should realize that using Google+ will assist your SEO efforts.

All the social media abound with opportunities to create links to your website, and to your work.  Isn't that the point?  To have every roadsign possible point to you on the information superhighway?

In real life, what can social media do?

“Call Me Maybe” is considered a watershed case for the use of social media as a marketing tool.

According to the New York Times, music careers are made in social media:

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are now record labels’ textbook tools for starting a marketing campaign …” (italics mine)

Epic started with Twitter

To introduce Cher Lloyd, a 19-year-old singer in Britain, Epic Records set up a “queen” fan to beat the drum on Twitter, and coached Ms. Lloyd on what to mention online — a TV appearance, for example, or the Twitter handles for radio D.J.’s.

Then took their ‘roadshow' to Facebook

Scott Seviour, Epic’s Marketing SVP offers:

In this day and age, artist development is about how do you turn 10 Facebook likes into 100, into 1,000.”

Epic attributes the YouTube success of Call Me Maybe (215,316,949 views) to these social media efforts.

Bottom Line

  • Social Media is an ongoing effort, building residual results over the months or years – Don't launch if you don't think you can stay the course.
  • If you just want to stick your toe in the water, pick one stream – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, even LinkedIn, if that suits your fancy – and perfect your presence there before you add another.
  • There are strategies to using each of these media – study the success of others and learn the posting habits that will make your brand a social media rockstar.
  • Make your profile work for you no matter which media you choose to work with.  Remember, your goal is to make it about Search Results.