Social media platforms have paved the way for a new age in Search Engine Marketing. Social platforms gave users the control and one can easily retweet or share content on their social accounts. With this in mind, online content is more relevant and useful than ever especially for businesses. Google recently launched +1 as an answer to Facebook's Like button, Google's +1 is a big help to sites with relevant content to overwhelm spammy content farms. As the Internet becomes more social, businesses should take notice that in order to be relevant on the Web, they should leverage on social content to drive consumers to influence buying personas and purchasing behavior.

A decade ago, companies have maximized their search marketing strategies through SEO-friendly content in order to sustain and drive decent traffic on their web sites. They placed a premium on online publishing leveraging on SEO writing to feed Google spiders with sumptuous slabs of keyword repetitions and a glut of meta data. Today, site optimization is becoming more social. Most online content are found in social media platforms.

While some companies still opt to do ironed-out SEO campaigns, initiating social media outreach is slowly becoming a fresh and practical approach to lure user to a web site. Recommendation tools in the form of Likes, Shares, and Retweets are now driving users to web sites! Why is this so? User engagement coupled with relevant content drive users to purchase something online. Relevant content and social media accounts complement each other. This why 1,000 fans on a Facebook fan page is a big thing already because content can be shared in a snap.

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, social bookmarking tools like Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon are making web sites and their blogs relevant to the search engines. The more a blog post is shared then it's a no-brainer that it'll rank high in the search engines like Google and Bing. But wait, when you say “content” it doesn't end with articles and blog entries, search engine crawlers are very keen and sharp when it comes to social media content. Content can be a video, a Retweet, and even a comment on Facebook. Great and relevant content brings a lot to the table. You satisfy both the search engines and consumers. And before you know it, not only your site traffic is increase but also your ROI increased.