People are Looking for your Business Every Day, are they Finding You?

Times are changing drastically on how people find things.  Phonebooks will soon be a thing of the past as people are turning to the internet to find information on local businesses in their area.  While this may seem obvious to many of you, there are MILLIONS of business owners who don't understand this trend yet.

I’d like to share an example with you.

Situation #1: Tiffany's Salon, a local business runs an ad in the local paper.  Sure, thousands of people could potentially see this ad, but how many of them will be specifically looking for a salon when they pick up the paper?  Rebecca, someone who has been looking for a new salon to try happens to see the ad, and makes a mental note to check it out when she has time.

Situation #2: Rebecca sits down at her computer and decides to use the internet to find a local salon to try.  She types “my town salon” into Google, and Tiffany's Salon comes up 1st.  Rebecca simply clicks on Tiffany's Salon and is taken to their website, where she has the ability to learn more about the salon, and makes an appointment for next week!

Do you see what a difference this makes?  In situation one, the prospective client was reading a newspaper, and saw an ad for a salon.  Even though this was something the consumer was actually interested in, she wasn’t able to find out more about the business immediately.  It was on her to remember the business, and follow-up when she had time.

In situation two, the consumer sat down at her computer with the mindset that she was going to find a new salon to try.  THIS is the type of consumer your business needs to be focusing on.  Think about the value of these potential customers.  They are literally sitting down at their computers and saying “I want to find a X in my local area”.  If you aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity, you are really missing out!