A quick comment…this post has virtually nothing to do with SEO.

Lots of people ask us who we recommend for the creation of website forms.  When you require more customization than is easily done with a standard Form Plugin in WordPress, or perhaps you have no existing web form

First of mind is the biggie….AWeber.  We won't address this in detail, but suffice to say, this is the leading technology used by the majority of online businesses and internet marketeers.  Learn more about their form offerings at:


The only possible knock on Aweber is that it is not free – and that isn't always a bad thing.  A nice alternative to Aweber is Wufoo.


Wufoo is incredible easy-to-use, and yet, powerful as well.   They offer a “get started” option for FREE.  This allows you to create 3 forms or reports, with up to 100 entries per month.  This may be all a new business would need.  Beyond this, they offer paid options to meet any businesses needs.

Wufoo forms are created online, in a simple step-by-step creator.  It's so easy my mom could do it!

We use Wufoo forms with customized FaceBook pages all of the time.  New customers who have yet to build their customer list, typically do not have an Aweber account.  We start them off with Wufoo!