There was a time when advertising was the end all when it comes to selling a product. The Mad Men era saw the golden age of advertising. Companies were trying to overwhelm each other by commissioning the best ad agencies in Madison Avenue. Why do they do such? Every brand needs sugar-coated advertising campaigns in order to bolster sales and increase ROI. The more flamboyant the ad was, the more it was noticed; and when ads grab the consumer’s attention – a product sells. Advertising paved the way for better opportunities for brands. It has created the notion that when it’s advertised then you should buy and try it.
Enter social media. Companies are realizing that advertising is not the be all and end all to satisfy the consumer and bolster their ROI. Advertising is not enough. Social media has generated the notion that advertising is simply a one-way means of reaching out to the consumer. With social media platforms, the consumer not only has a voice, but an opportunity to redefine brand management. Companies like Starbucks and Gap are ushering a new trend in crowdsourcing campaigns. Company-consumer collaborations have made products even better. So, is there a need for conventional advertising when a brand directly talks to 5 million fans?

Enter Bond. Jon Bond. One of the biggest social media agencies, Big Fuel, signed the advertising veteran from Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners to become their CEO. Big Fuel has a plethora of big clients such as McDonald's, Budweiser, and Colgate-Palmolive to name a few.

Jon Bond: Ad Man Turned Social Media Maven

In an interview with Mashable, Bond says that social media is coming into its own. “I think this is the fourth seat,” says Bond of social media, “next to the media agency, the digital agency and the branding agency. I’d say make room.” Bond says Big Fuel’s mixture of strong creative and distribution drew him to the agency. “The winning formula is buzz plus scale and they’ve got that,” Bond says.

Social media has indeed changed the world of marketing. People are itching to log in to their Facebook account upon turning the computer on. With this level of interactivity, companies should leverage on social media to promote their brands. It has redefined and gave justice to word of mouth marketing.

The exciting thing about social media is that it’s still evolving. Advertising and social marketing can complement each other to enhance campaigns. With a seasoned ad man like Jon Bond heading social media agency Big Fuel, expect social marketing to be a standard rather than a fad.