I'm on vacation with my family in Washington D.C. – doing all of the usual tourist things.  We've hit the monuments, museums, White House, and today we toured the Capital Building.  After a few days of eating out constantly, we wanted to have a pizza or two delivered to our hotel room.

Instead of booting up my laptop, I used my iPhone (still a 3GS) to find local pizza restaurants in the Dupont Circle area of Washington D.C.  To my surprise, I could only find a few, and those that came up either had no website or one that was definitely not optimized for mobile visitors.

In a city like Washington D.C. with millions of yearly tourists, visitors will search for dining options on their phone.  If your business wants a piece of all of these local searches – get on the mobile bandwagon!


1.  Mobile-friendly website – these are cheap and easy to create.  If you don't have one, ask me, as our team will build you an optimized restaurant-centric mobile website in less than a week.  Even better – the pricing!

2. Lots of HONEST local reviews – Google, Yelp and other local directories  – c'mon people, fake reviews are so obvious and generate complete distrust, that I would be hard-pressed to order from that restaurant.   Whether good or bad, lots of reviews are key.  I can overlook a few bad reviews, as no one can please everyone all of the time.  What scares me more is trying a place that has no feedback!

Make sure your menu is friendly to an iPhone, Black Berry or Android user.  If not, you run the very real risk they will just jump to another site to find what they are looking for.  Clearly label hours, address and directions on your mobile site, as these are the most common items requested by mobile users.