As the Web grows more social everyday, it doesn't hinder the very lifeforce that fuel local businesses and websites – SEO. Social media has definitely taken the Internet like a storm but Search Engine Optimization remains the old reliable to optimize sites and increase conversion rates. While social media entices people to turn into potential customers, SEO is the fuel of websites which carry the social media presence of businesses. Indeed, the Internet has become a destination-location and has overwhelmed traditional local media as the primary channel to widen the reach of local businesses in critical local market.

According to the forecast of research group BIA/Kelsey, local online ad revenues will double between 2010 and 2015 to US$45 billion in the US alone. The positive trend is deemed to grow as the local advertising market has seen steady and strong growth over the last few years. The local SEO landscape appears to be positive and progressive. Here are some findings from the Local SEO Industry Survey.

  • Confidence is not short among local SEOs with the majority believing that the next 12 months will result in greater revenue and them taking on more employees.
  • 82% believe that they will definitely grow their business in 2011/2012
  • 78% expect to increase the size of their team


Via Search Engine Land

Online visibility always matter which is why this is a major factor that's been noticed by local business owners, reality checked – local business owners should embrace the Internet in terms of marketing their product or service before their competitors do. The chart above shows that 64% of local SEOs claim that it is easier/much easier to convince potential clients of the benefits of SEO. It's not about the first-mover opportunism that drives the market already, it's how you stay ahead against competition.