Location-based platforms are selling like hotcakes lately, and so are their deals! Foursquare is adding almost 100,000 users every 10 days. Location platforms are more than a fad, that's because consumers are open to sharing their locations, and as business becomes social, businesses should take notice and be open as well. And to be “open” means making your business accessible not only on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but putting your business on the map as well.

However, with the glut of location-based platforms, small business owners are likely to be clueless on how to leverage on location marketing to enhance their business.  So as an entrepreneur, how can you be “open?” Utilizing location-based platforms such as Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Google Places should enhance their businesses with deals.


There's more to Location Marketing than free coffee!


People as consumers are likely to be enticed by discounted offerings, and consumers as people tend to be loyal to a business when they are rewarded! It definitely makes sense because location-marketing is both beneficial to the business and the consumer. Consumers get a great deal. Business owners get good PR. It's a win-win situation.

We believe that location marketing will pave the way for vast opportunities as your business gets the social media mileage it needs. As location platforms emerge, Media Mash is bent on helping small businesses to leverage on location-based platforms to enhance their business and bolster ROI. Remember, if your business is not on the map, customers aren't aware. Awareness is the key.