I read this blog post yesterday on Location based marketing, and thought it would be useful to post this for customers and regular readers of our site.

While most of you know about FaceBook and Twitter, how many understand Google Buzz, Four Square and other similar sites?

My partner Sean is a strong believer in location-based marketing as a lynch-pin to your social media strategy.  I've been a bit slower to come to this conclusion, but do agree that it is very important trend to follow.  I've been an avid Four Square user for about 6 months right now, and while at first I thought it to be simple, and perhaps even silly — I now check-in to lots of places.

I won't try to introduce and explain Four Square to you now, but if you own a local business, especially a restaurant or business with a high customer flow, this service could be a great social media marketing opportunity for you.

I'm the “Mayor” of Moes in Peachtree City, and would love to see them emulate Starbucks with special offers for their “Mayors”.

If you are interested in talking more about location based marketing and how social media of this type can energize your business, email or call Media Mash today.