If you are a contractor – electrician, plumber, heating and air, general contractor or any other type of service professional, you already spent a large amount of money on print advertising.

Whether you spend heavily in one or more Yellow Page directories, or local business publications — you have seen first hand the reduction in qualified leads coming from your ads.

While there is no magic bullet, expanding your investment in marketing to include locally-focused internet advertising, will position you to dominate your local competitors.

Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, and the organic listings that come up with each individual internet search generate highly qualified leads. The cost is far lower than traditional print advertising.

Possibly most important, the sooner you begin staking out your claim to the local internet search market, the better you long-term position will be.

I have a personal tie to this space, as my younger brother is an air conditioning and heating contractor. Together, he and I have transformed his advertising to include a healthy mix of internet advertising which results in 3-5 new air conditioning sales per month. At an average price of $4-5k per unit, that is big money from a small investment!

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