Need some social media fuel? Try Social CRM.

Nowadays, most companies have their Twitter account and a Facebook fan page, but some are clueless how to incorporate their social media outreach to their marketing plans. It's time to reiterate that 10,000 fans are good as nothing if you don't communicate directly with your potential customers. Last year, the trend was the more you have followers on your Twitter or a huge fan base on Facebook, you're a brand that has an established web presence already. Thing is, etching your presence on social media platforms isn't enough to bring some dollars to the table.

Scalable ROI from social media campaigns have yet to surface. Furthermore, social media campaigns vary from each other, which means strategies isn't one-size-fits-all approach. It seems each social media strategy out there is geared towards increasing ROI. But 10,000 fans don’t mean instant 10 grand. Business owners should be aware that every “Like” they receive isn't commensurate to a sale.

Customer Relations Management has shifted to Social CRM


So if this is the case, why bother leveraging on social media to boost ROI? Today, brands now have built a massive fan base on their social media, yet are flat out on how to make a dollar out of each fan rather than focusing on Social CRM. If you think like a salesman towards managing your social media accounts your social media marketing is a failure from the start. You're completely losing the essence of social media per se. Obviously, most companies handle community management by simply feeding their community with special offers, discounts, and new products. This is the case for multi-national companies. But the same doesn't apply to small and medium businesses; if you're a start-up you won't easily get a million fans in a snap. Hiring a social media agency or consultant is one option to consider before initiating your social media goals. However, be it a start-up or a multi-national, measuring ROI should start by initiating Social CRM.

The LIKE campaign trend is slowly fading. Customer Relations Management is setting a new pace in the world of social business. Facebook Questions was launched recently, and while it's not really a CRM platform, it's considered to help businesses conducting market research and crowdsourcing campaigns. So It’s time to look closely and ask yourself: do I need 1 million fans that are perpetually online or 1,000 fans that are relevant to my target niche?