I had lunch with a popular Peachtree City Web Developer today.  We spent a little time talking about the power of syndicated videos to boost SEO rankings.

I was rattling off some war stories of how short 1 minute videos properly syndicated could generate 100's if not 1000's of links, at the same time boosting traffic to the primary website.

I thought it would be helpful to write up a few key points on “best practices” when uploading videos to YouTube.  As YouTube was purchased by Google, and has surpassed Yahoo as the #2 search engine, people need to understand how to incorporate videos into their online marketing.

YouTube is powered by a proprietary algorithm that factors in the optimization of title, description, tags, views, and ratings.   These items are manipulated by the video creator (owner), which power placement both YouTube search listings as well as Google's organic search listings.

Make sure you use a keyword dense title, and incorporate a clickable URL at the start of the description field.  While this may seem obvious – be sure to include a clear call to action that lists your website and of course, a phone number.


  1. To increase popularity, add comments on popular videos to encourage viewers to check out your video.
  2. If possible, embed YouTube videos on your website.  This will save you the bandwidth of streaming media, while providing you access to the popularity of YouTube on your website.
  3. Video file name should contain keywords
  4. Include rich keywords in video titles & description
  5. Build your own online channel – or library.  Ideally keep adding videos until you pass 20 or more relevant titles.
  6. Be as active as you can inside of your new YouTube channel.  Commenting, favorites, add friends all help to increase your visibility on YouTube.