Most marketers use LinkedIn as simply a means to connect with business contacts and potential clients. But LinkedIn is a great tool to enhance personal branding as well. Recently, LinkedIn launched “LinkedIn Contacts” it's a new function that will enable users to maintain substantial relationships in order to enhance their personal branding. While it can't broaden your LinkedIn marketing strategies, enhancing your personal brand is a big boost for potential clients searching for a resource person.

LinkedIn Contacts allow you to set your own reminders with notes about important people you're connected with. The most notable feature though is that LinkedIn Contacts is integrated with TripIt, which means you can easily get in touch with local contacts who live in an area where you've planned a trip. So aside from relationship management, how does LinkedIn Contacts improve your personal brand? Simple.  It helps you connect with your professional network from online to offline. Perhaps, after meeting them offline you can get an endorsement, a referral, or even seal a business deal.

Here are some important ways on how to maximize the LinkedIn Contacts tool:
  • For building relationships with key contacts at companies with which you're hoping to forge co-marketing partnerships
  • For connecting with journalists and media contacts at publications in which you'd like to secure some PR coverage
  • For your salespeople to stay in touch with and nurture prospects and leads
  • For sourcing contributors (or targeting publications) for guest blogging opportunities
  • For reaching out to and staying in touch with fellow event attendees
  • For connecting with potential employers when job seeking, or recruiting top talent