Atlanta area businesses engaging in search engine optimization in-house, often miss a critical element of on-page optimization.

This is the optimization of all of your graphics, or images.

In the HTML code of a webpage, image alt text stands in the alt attribute within the  tag.

For example: some text

Obviously, using alt text makes sense for humans: many users prefer to work with images disabled. What is more important for you now, alt image attributes also have value for search engine optimization. Search engines cannot read figures or letters that are drawn on images. They only read normal text. Your keywords may look fantastic and eye-catching on an image – but the only guarantee that Google will see them is the alt text.

Therefore making alt text attributes and including your keywords into them is another efficient SEO technique.

If you are a Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville or Atlanta area business and want to increase your visibility online, on-site SEO is the first piece of your internet marketing strategy. Media Mash can optimize your images throughout your entire site as well as dozens of other factors on each page to maximize your potential visibility in the search engines.