Things I usually do first when I go online:  1.) Log in to Gmail 2.) Log in to Facebook 3.) Log in to Twitter. Will I add a number four on the list? Perhaps, Google+1? Wait, I can do that via logging in on Gmail!

After months of speculations, Google finally launched its social platform called Google+. Google has launched this using a domino effect approach which is fit for a new social networking site. Every new member of Google+ received 500 new invites! And when a user gets free invites, it's usually sent out. This is how a brilliant social network grows – it grows by managing and nurturing itself. Very dynamic and versatile on Google's part.

While Google has added a social plugin tracker for Google Analytics to view what pages were Liked, Tweeted, and +1'd, it remains to be seen if Google+ will pave the way to a better social media analytics tool. Can Google finally trample Facebook with a reliable and accurate social media analytics to measure ROI from social media campaigns? Wait until Google ads appear on every Google+ account. And if Google+ becomes a success, expect the search giant to produce where Facebook has failed – measure social media ROI.

Another issue that matters is how Google+ will benefit small and medium businesses. As Google Places and Google Offers are about to compete with Foursquare and Groupon, I expect that Google is just warming up to integrate their new products and turn it into a seven-headed Hydra of the Internet.

So far, Google+ has been getting a huge amount of buzz across the Web. It's been well-received and circles are already forming! Even Mark Zuckerberg is checking Google+ out. Forget Google Wave and Google Buzz. Google+ gives us a fresh approach to leverage search and social to enhance businesses.