Google recently announced two new key features that will enhance Google+ search for its users. Google's Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra shared on his Google+ account how real-time search and improved hashtag support will improve Google+'s search function is used. The good news is that hashtags are now clickable on Google+ and is linked to search results of the same topic as well. Aside from that, real-time search on Google+ will provide spontaneous and instant results as they happen such as sports events, breaking news, and weather updates.

Gundotra mentioned these two new features in his post and gave descriptions for each:

Real-time search

Now when you search in Google+, you'll see a message about new posts the instant they're available. If you click on this message, or select “Most recent”, then relevant posts will start appearing in real-time.

Improved hashtag support

People have long used hashtags to mark their posts with certain topics. You don't have to use hashtags on Google+ (search works fine without them), but when you do, we'll automatically link to search results.

The most notable feature is that the hashtags are now made clickable in order to cue for a search. Whenever you share a post about a brand or business, say #DunkinDonuts, the hashtag will automatically be clickable and will run a search for that topic or subject. While clicking the hashtags will give similar search results, the real catch here is that users are more prone to click text that's hyperlinked or hashtagged, hence, it's more convenient and instant for users who want instant search results.