A week after Google's new social networking platform ran abuzz over the Internet, Google+ has just reached 10 million users and counting. Such growth is more than significant even for search giant Google. But again, the question still lingers: Can Google+ users can sustain its growth?

According to Paul Allen of Ancestry.com, he came up with a practical method to calculate the number of Google+ members. Allen sampled a number of surnames from the U.S. Census Bureau data in order to make a comparison with the surnames of Google+ users. Surname popularity and the number of users on Google+ with each surname is all he used to “guesstimate” the percentage of the U.S. population that signed up and became 1st generation Google+ users. After that, Allen calculated the ratio of U.S. to non-U.S. users to come up with an estimated number of Google+ users on the planet. Of course, the findings are from a third-party source, but it's worth a look. This is Allen's findings so far:

Google+ has approximately 9.5 million users worldwide, with 2.2 million joining in the past 32 to 34 hours, according to Allen’s estimates.

Meanwhile, Google Offers has been launched in New York and San Francisco. Offers will be integrated to Google's other product, Google Wallet, as a convenient means for mobile payments and ties up with deals sent to your email. A few months ago, pundits say that Google Wallet can replace PayPal if it's properly integrated with Google's other products

Furthermore, Google Offers is being integrated with Google Places as well, from the looks of it, Google wants to overwhelm Groupon and Foursquare with one smooth stroke. Foursquare has already tapped Groupon and Gilt among others to enhance their daily deals. And with Google+ gaining momentum everyday and an integration at hand, it looks like the search giant will finally catch up in the race for social media supremacy.