Search giant Google yesterday announced an e-commerce certification program that will enhance online stores while giving confidence to a consumer to buy a store's product. The e-commerce program called Trusted Stores is available in limited beta now, a handful of retailers and online stores that qualify will be granted a Google Trusted Store badge which they can display on their pages. Google has set standards for online retailers who wish to apply for the Trusted Stores certificate. Online merchants who intent to apply will provide Google a set of data. Track record requisites such as customer services, punctual shipping, and history of resolution to consumer-related issues. A rating or a grade will be given to a store that carries the Trusted Stores badge.


According to Search Engine Land's Greg Sterling, Google mentioned that Trusted Stores will not be connected to AdWords and Google Checkout. While it's interesting to see the Trusted Scores badge beside an ad, Google has yet to expand the potential of the Trusted Scores program. However, Google's supporting the program with a $1k in consumer purchase protection. It's like a warranty of sorts but Google isn't offering any warranties, instead it will offer a money back proposition if a retailer doesn't fix an issue.

Here's the thing, a buyer must opt for the free purchase protection then if a problem or purchase issue arises, the buyer should contact the online store. If the retailer doesn't resolve the purchase issues, then the buyer can contact Google to avail of the money back proposition. With this in mind, you might think Google is crazy to offer that $1k purchase protection to a plethora of consumers. Google's a bit utilitarian on this new program, but let's wait and see how Google will integrate Trusted Stores with its other new products like Google Offers and Google Wallet.