Google launched its new version of Google Analytics yesterday which packs a handful of functionalities. The new and “improved” Google Analytics is now enhanced with a streamlined user interface coupled with quicker performance. Google Analytics users can now create multiple dashboards with up to 20 per user. Each dashboard can carry up to a dozen widgets. The most notable functionality is setting the interaction goals, graph, and compare specific metrics over time then toggle between multiple profiles and sites while focusing on a single report.

Users can still use the old version but Trevor Claiborne of the Google Analytics team is welcoming substantial comments and suggestions from simple users to SEO specialists. While you can still use either version, Claiborne mentioned that Google Analytics v5 is still being tweaked in order to improve user experience which means there are still a few bugs on the new version.

Additional features will be gradually rolled out, useful functions such as exporting reports to PDF, emailing reports, migrating reports from old version to new Google Analytics, linking new AdWords and Adsense accounts to Analytics, email scheduling, and In-Page Analytics. We're also curious how Google's recent product , +1, will complement this new version of Google Analytics. As the Web becomes more social and many businesses leveraging social media, Google's  +1  should be playing a crucial role in future and improved versions of Google Analytics.