Google Launches +1 Button for Web Sites

Google just rolled out the +1 button for web sites. The +1 button can now be placed using a short code snippet. Google's +1 plugin is supported in 44 languages which Google will apply soon. The button can be customized through the use of Google's self-serve code generator and feature other options to enhance the plugin.

Google +1 button will now be seen across different web sites and Google has even partnered with popular sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post among others. Aside from various sites, the +1 button will appear on other Google properties such as YouTube, Blogger, and Android Market.

How +1 Enhances SEO

Aside from enhancing the social value of brands, +1 has an effect on SEO as well. When it was launched in March, Google made clear that it will look at +1 click impressions as a cue to make improvements on search quality. +1 also combines the social aspect with SEO, +1 clicks from your Gmail contacts will be used by Google to ascertain the relevance of your site or page to a user's query, meaning if your friends' like your site then it should be suggested on the open web as well.

With this in mind, Google may develop a new relevance and ranking based on +1 clicks that will improve search quality. +1's SEO value is this: When a site receives a +1 button impression, Google will crawl or recrawl the page, store the page title along with the content.

Does +1 really have Social Value?

Arguably, the +1 button is Google's answer to all social platform plugins across the Web. As big companies and local merchants enter the age of social business, they're like race cars which are fueled by one thing – recommendation.

A single click enables users can recommend a news article, a pair of shoes, and even a weather update to your friends, friend of friends, and the rest of the Web. Before users tend to read reviews from an “expert” but social media changed that, users now likely to purchase or check something out if the a friend recommends it. Recommendations create value for every product; social marketing is becoming more a trend but rather an emerging standard for Internet marketing.