As the world become more social everyday, it's a no-brainer if Google comes up with real-time analytics. Yesterday, Google Analytics announced that “real-time” reports will be rolled out to users in 1-2 weeks. Extra tagging will not be a requisite for the real time feature, which will be available on Google Analytics' new interface and will be placed under the dashboard tab.

The great thing about Google's real-time analytics is that it can be “integrated” with social media platforms without really integrating it. For instance, if you are about announce a podcast using Facebook or Twitter, you can easily track which social platform is drawing more people to the podcast. For news websites, real-time reports will help them ascertain which articles are getting more traffic than others after tweeting it. Hence, a handful of  news articles can be promoted more.

And for marketers, it's an opportunity to dry run their social ad campaigns and determine when's the best time to launch their ads. Google Analytics Real Time will act as surveillance camera of sorts which will show the number of people visiting the site and those who are currently browsing it. Real-time reports will also include:

  • Keywords and type of keywords that lured visitors
  • Platforms or sources that is leading them to the site
  • The number of pages being viewed
  • The Geo Location of visitors

Google has just activated the real-time feature for a number of Google Analytics users, and eventually all users will gain access to real-time reports. But if you're itching to try Google Analytics Real-Time already, then help yourself and fill this form up: