Looks like Google isn't out of the race to social media supremacy after all.

Google finally unveiled its new product called “+1“, which kills all speculations of launching a social network that will go up against Facebook.  Google's +1 happens to be a social layer to Google's key products such as Google search and AdWords.

So it's clear now that +1 isn't really a stand-alone site, and will appear on every search engine result which you click if you find the site helpful and interesting. Sounds familiar? Well, apparently +1 is Google's answer to Facebook's Like button. So if +1 will work like the Like button, the question would be: Will Google's +1 change the face of SEO? Not exactly, the number of clicks on the +1 button of a search engine result will not affect the rankings at all. Google rep Jim Prosse says that +1 will eventually be developed into something more valuable to users, ad execs, and open web enthusiasts.

The great thing about +1 is it’s on the open web while the Like button is on Facebook which is a closed system. In terms of SEM, Google's +1 will also kill content farms when people don't recommend it using the +1 button, but +1 will be very beneficial to businesses that don't bother having a Facebook fan page at all. Obviously, the Internet is being overwhelmed  by social media platforms with Like, Retweet, and Share buttons, search engine giant Google makes it more interesting by giving users what they really need – access to recommendations.

Google is a success because it gives users access. Social media platforms are winning because the concept of recommendation is elevating businesses. With access and recommendation working in synergy, Google's +1 is making the search engine results more social.  Google's +1 is more than a counter uppercut against social networking sites. It's Google's social approach to the world of SEO.