This will be short and sweet….

Your website domain name may be catchy…but does it have your primary keywords in the URL?  It is common knowledge amongst SEO professionals that keywords in the URL are important to help you achieve a top ranking.

This is probably the single biggest factor to attaining a page 1 ranking for a new site.  Sure, external links are great, but with a new site I'll take a domain name like “PeachtreeCityRealEstate” any day over with 150  links!  Over time, you could optimize and work on adding hundreds of high quality targeted links to the site, but with a new site using the exact keywords people are searching, you will see traffic from the minute you get indexed.  Never underestimate the value of a strong domain name.

If you have an existing site several years old with strong content, it is not advised to change the name to go after the advantage that a strong name will bring.

For all of you out there contemplating adding a new BLOG site or revamping your web presence, remember the SEO adage….”Keywords in the URL are King” !