A year after relaunching the “Become a Fan” button as the famous LIKE button, Facebook recently launched the “Send” button that aims to enhance the functionality of Group pages and will replace the option of the “email to a friend” button. As we enter the age of social business, Facebook's latest open graph tool aims to enhance web sites just like how the LIKE button was integrated to over 2.5 million sites. With the Send button, it will enable anyone to share content from the Internet with certain sets of people.

To quote Facebook:

The Send button is a social plugin that websites can use to let people send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post it to a Group, or email it to an individual. For example, if you see a Mother’s Day gift idea on 1-800-Flowers.com, you can now send a message or email to your family members to discuss. Or say you’re training for a marathon and you come across a great article about running shoes on The Huffington Post. Now you can share it with your entire running group in just one click.

The Send button will not compete with the LIKE button at all. The Send button has a distinct functionality that will further enhance the value of consumer content. It's similar to the LIKE button in a way because it'll let users broadcast information that will appear on their feeds. However, the Send button puts a premium on privacy; the Send button gives users the option of private sharing. If you take a closer look, it's like a segmented approach to the LIKE button. Users can now choose Groups from their network to send specific information to using the Send button.

The Send button is a very versatile social plugin due to the fact that it can be sent via Facebook message, email, or posted right into a specific Facebook Group's wall. It paves the way for more private social-sharing. How businesses will utilize the Send button remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, expect that the Send button will follow the success of last year's LIKE button.