Facebook gave advertisers a preview of what's in store for its new ad platform before it launches next week. The new ad platform will be enhanced by precise and improved metrics. Facebook gives advertisers more increased access to view accurate metrics and insights in order to gauge how ad campaigns and spending are performing.

The new ad platform will not only have new metrics but a new dashboard as well. The easy-to-use dashboard gives the advertiser complete control over the ads without navigating to another separate screen to show information such as campaign timings, ad budget, and ad creative. The new ad dashboard also enables advertisers to choose a new type of graph to show the basic stats of a specific ad campaign like number of clicks, impressions or click through rate for an individual ad. It can be accessed by clicking into an ad from the report summary.

Viewing the Total Reach of an Ad

Before, Facebook simply showed the impression on an ad which counted as total number of impression (1 person seeing your ad 10 times would count as 10 impressions.) Now, Facebook enhances its new metrics into the dashboard by showing you the amount of people that saw your ad. The Reach metric enables a user to view the number of individuals that saw a particular ad (This is viewable on the summary diagram at the top of the page and the full reports below.) With this in tow, it will give you a more accurate view of the total reach of an ad and the audience size reach that doesn't necessarily mean users who clicked on your ad.

Aside from that, the new ad interface allows advertisers to view how many times a user was shown your Facebook ad based on the number of impressions.  The frequency column shows this. It gives you an average for all the users who saw your ad. The numbers might be high if you're targeting a niche audience which means adjusting the ad campaign to prevent dousing people with the same ad.

Broadening  Audience Reach

One of the new additions to the Facebook ad metrics is the amount of clicks ads are receiving versus the amount of connections. The value of connections is classified as an action that a user would implicate on the ad like installing an app or clicks the LIKE button. This portion of the ad report allows advertisers to view how people are actually engaging with your brand after paying for the click. If a large discrepancy between clicks and connections is imminent, then it's time to beef up your strategy to optimize the ads.

Facebook supports advertisers with their campaigns by giving them instant stats of the number of people they want to potentially target. However, when it comes to optimizing Facebook ad campaigns, it's a bit tricky to make comparison of your actual reach to your potential reach. What's good about the new platform is that it shows the total reach in order for advertisers to see how ads are faring and estimate how much of your potential audience you're actually targeting. Again, if figures seem to plummet then it's best to adjust the budget or CPC to increase figures.