With the recent launch of the NBA's social media hub, Pulse, some fans might ask how their hometown team is managing their social media outreach. Unknown to many, Facebook approached the Golden State Warriors so that they can test the beta version of their location-based tool called Facebook Deals. Facebook Deals is a beta program which enables large businesses and start ups to offer deals who check in using Facebook Places.

Warriors' executive director for marketing, Kyle Spencer, said that the beta testing made their team a launch partner for Facebook's newest product. The team is using Individual Deals to offer Warriors merchandise discount or post-game access to players for fans who check in to individual games. The initial game saw the Warriors organization offer 23 checkin deals which ammased 17,000 check ins! Social media is definitely revolutionizing the NBA experience as it engages with basketball fans.

“We are thrilled to be the only NBA team and one of the first organizations to use Facebook Deals,” said Warriors' President Robert Rowell. “Our fan base and our team are actively engaged in social media, and with the launch of Deals we can now easily reward Warriors fans who share their experiences at our games with their friends.”

While it's still in a trial and error phase, it's a great start to entice people to use Facebook Deals as demand for location-based deals is growing recently. The key here is making people aware that a brand exists, be it a sports merchandise or donut store. The more check ins they make on Facebook, the more they make their Facebook contacts aware that a brand is out there.

The big question is: how can you be creative with deals and discounts to keep people checking in?