There’s no question about it:  If you own a restaurant, you want repeat business. Consistently serving good food and providing excellent service is a huge part of fostering customer loyalty. However, it never hurts to stay in touch with your customers and remind them to come back. E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to do just that.

If you make a point of collecting your customers’ e-mail addresses, are you utilizing this list effectively?

A direct email to your past customers can quickly and easily invite them back for a new item on the menu.  You can also send coupons, extending a discount on a few specially selected items. Highlight your catering services, or let them know about your private meeting and event dining space.  I received an email from a restaurant that we go to fairly regularly letting us know about a “kids eat free dinner Tuesday” special. This is great! If I had not received an email , I never would have known!

A nicely done custom newsletter delivered each week, or even once a month can “paint a picture” to customers of the restaurants many offerings. Maybe your customers weren’t even thinking about going out to eat before they received your e-mail, but now that you’ve reminded them of your fine cuisine and made them hungry, there’s a good chance they’ll show up at your restaurant for dinner.

In short, keeping in touch with your customers through e-mail is powerfully effective and costs very little in comparison to other internet marketing services. If you’ve been searching for a way to dramatically increase your restaurant’s business without breaking your budget, please give Media Mash a call today.