Content curation is becoming one of the emerging aspects in B2B search marketing nowadays. As businesses embrace fresh social media approaches to enhance their SEO, content is still the king! After all, what's the use of social media tools without any content to feed your audience. Content aggregation has been around way before social media platforms surfaced, sites use algorithms to seek and link to content in order to improve their SEO. Combine content aggregation with social media and you have content curation.

Content curation is different from content aggregation. With content curation, the approach is more personal which involves human filtering and organizing what a content curator finds the more useful and enticing content for their target audience. Picture target audience as a school of fish inside an aquarium, a curator feeds them with the right content to sustain inside the aquarium. Now, picture the aquarium as your business! Content curators are caretakers of your business in terms of content marketing.

So why do marketers put a premium on content curation? Admit it, not all marketers can be great bloggers like Seth Godin or Brian Solis. Most Internet marketers focus on internet marketing strategies rather than content management. Original content creation is time-consuming for Internet marketers. And with content marketing emerging as a decent method to broaden reach and establish a web presence, marketers and businesses alike are either producing their own content or resorting to content curation.

Some would rather shun the idea of original content because content curation offers more. Not only does content curation offer easy and quick content, it enables marketers to establish relationships with bloggers and online publishers through linkbuilding. There's a hint of social approach there, curation provides value to readers while increasing traffic for a site.

Social search is on the rise, and as companies become publisher themselves, marketers should follow suit. Content curation is more than just feeding substantial content to your followers and target niche, it’s becoming a cheap yet practical means of broadening your reach by cultivating relationships with other Internet marketers.