Many clients don't understand, but the actual domain name is very important to SEO results. Many SEO experts believe that the actual domain name can give you a 35% boost in search engine result page rankings over a similar site.

While a new accounting firm in Newnan, Georgia could choose a name after their CPA or founder, such as Smith Accounting Services.

But is anyone even searching on your brand name? If you’re a brand new business, then surely NOT. And even if you’re an established business, you’ll have a much easier time expanding your customer base by registering a domain name that uses common keywords people use to search for local businesses like yours.

Some better domain names from an SEO perspective:


A good domain name is the first step in communicating the right keyword theme about your local business. If you have an existing website, with little to no recognition and traffic, it is possible that moving to a new domain name will help your SEO. That change combined with expert on-site optimization of your pages can quickly propel you up to page 1 of Google for your keywords.