Let's face it, unless your local business is a multi-national company like Dell, Coke, or McDonald’s, you won't get instant 10k fans in a week on your Facebook page. Fret not, small is the new big according to marketing guru Seth Godin, and SMEs actually have the upper hand in terms of leveraging social media platforms to increase brand awareness. I reckon that you shouldn't even try those tricky websites which offer instant followers or fans, mind you, some of those fans are either mock accounts or mere bots. Those sites are what my colleagues and I consider as the equivalent of black hat strategies in the world of SEO. So can a business owner increase brand awareness by leveraging on search engines and social media networks to catapult profit margins? Are there strategies that don't require buying followers or fans?

We all know that the Internet still depends on Search Engine Optimization, using a search engine is not a trend, it's a necessity for people. And so is the use of social media, Facebook and Twitter has made the Internet a destination-location for customers and merchants. Even people who don't even have an email account has a Facebook account nowadays. Reality checked: if your business doesn't put a premium on SEO and establish a firm presence in social media networks then it doesn't exist at all.

Google and Facebook are enhancing their analytics tools in order to improve how business owners monitor traffic. It gives them an idea if their Facebook page actually leads customers to their website and vice versa. Today, some businesses ignore the fact that you should have a presence in the open web as well. Some business owners tend to be complacent when they have a solid following on their Facebook page. They think that having 10k Likes on their page is enough already. Well, having a firm presence on Facebook is simply a chunk of the whole online marketing campaign to increase brand awareness, SEO is still very much what fuels all websites. While Facebook is the largest social network in the planet today, it's still a website, right? So how can business owners maximize SEO to increase social media traffic and vice versa? The answer is Facebook Page Management.

With its new Facebook Landing Page Maker, social dashboard Squareberry now allows you to control another aspect of your Facebook Page. Your events and promotions are sent as reminders to your Wall, displayed on your Facebook Page Calendar and now featured on your customizable Landing Page. The Facebook Landing Page is designed to be a hub that connects your page viewers to your complete online presence and drive real world traffic by showing off events and promotions. Now business owners and community managers can maximize from the synergy of SEO and Social Media.