twitterI've been talking up Twitter for the last five years

… And while the numbers are growing incredibly, some of the people who aren't on twitter yet are the ones that ought to be taking advantage more than any others.

  • Today there are 637,391,500 twitter users and that number is growing every second
  • This time last year there were 440,570,277 twitter users.

Fortune 500 CEOs

I'm talking Business Leaders, CEO's.  The honchos that aren't on the front lines, that don't talk to customers and get a real nitty-gritty daily experience of their company interacting with their customers. These are the people that could and should be on Twitter.

A recent study by found that Inc. 500 CEOs are

  • 13 times more likely to be active on Twitter,
  • 5.3 times more likely to be on Facebook, and
  • three times more likely to be on LinkedIn

than CEOs of America’s largest companies.

At the very least, Fortune 500 CEOs could be gaining insight from the people in the trenches, finding out what is happening at the point where sales are made or lost.  Instead they appear to be living their days in high rise hideouts, a la Dick Fuld who stayed so out of touch with the markets he wasn't able to save Lehman Brothers.

It is no surprise that there are more Inc. 500 than Fortune 500 CEOs actively using social media.  What is surprising is the huge disparity in those numbers.


My advice to business leaders is the same as it is to entrepreneurs,  their sales force, and their support staff.  TWEET.  Listen to the conversation, engage and act.

There is so much out there, you might learn something important about your own neck of the woods! And you'd be way ahead of the game.