I was telling my wife Rebecca about all of the cool things Google does to help empower webmasters. Since we spent 30 minutes on a Friday night chatting about it, I wanted to quickly publish a few of them on the blog for “newbies”. Warning – no need to read further if you are a search expert. Note to all – this is by no means a complete list!

How to add your site to Google:

How to see if your site is indexed / how many pages are indexed by Google?

How to see a list of other websites that link to your site?
The query [link:] will list webpages that have links to the specified webpage. For instance, [link:www.google.com] will list webpages that have links pointing to the Google homepage. Note – this is not a complete list. Unfortunately, there is not a comprehensive tool from Google for this.

How to get a quick definition of a word?
By using the Google command, define: and then a word or phrase such as “hospital”, for instance [define: soccer], will return a definition or a group of definitions from numerous websites, portals and online encyclopedias.

Quick way to get a list of movie reviews
Command —> movie: title
The Google movie command operator will return a list of reviews the first time you use it. However, after entering your location on subsequent pages, Google can use a cookie to remember where you are in order to return showtimes each time that you use the ‘movie:' operator. For example, try movie: Top Gun

Find the weather forecast for virtually any city
Command —> weather:
Use the Google weather command (as shown above) to find the weather forecast for a particular city. For example, weather: Atlanta, GA