2-mastersMedia Mash is heavily invested in the retail automotive space – providing digital media services around the US & Canada.  We often hear from dealerships we speak to that they are working with “this agency” or “that agency”.  In many cases, the digital agency the dealership uses is also the same agency their competition uses!

This particular Southeastern United States dealer was a multiple rooftop / franchise store.  Their “agency” happened to be the same one who worked with their #1 and #2 competitors across several brands!

How can one digital agency effectively serve “two masters” in the same market?  Obviously, you can't!

At Media Mash, we absolutely do not do this!

You can't dominate search and social media for 2-3 companies in the same metro area.

How can you ensure that strategies and best practices learned working with Client A aren't shared to Client B or even Client C?  The honest answer – you can't!

When you as a dealer principle use a digital agency that also serves your competition, you are in effect competing against your own team!  For example, on PPC, both Google and Facebook, you'd be bidding on the exact same terms through the same agency, driving up your costs!

No matter who you choose to work with to expand your brand, make sure they are committed to you.  Not sharing the wealth.