I had a great conversation with a PR firm about Atlanta internet marketing and more specifically about search engine optimization and marketing. My contact at the firm was complaining about the whole “language” of internet marketing.

As we talked through our meeting, I wrote down every term / phrase we talked through. Here are a few of them:

IM – Internet Marketing
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
PPC – Pay-Per-Click
CPC – Cost-Per-Click
CPA – Cost-Per-Action
PR – Page Rank (a number given by Google denoting the importance of a particular website)
SERP- Search Engine Results/Page
CTR- Click Through Rate
Above the fold- (this is term that refers to the portion of a visitors screen viewable without scrolling down)
Sponsored Links- Paid listings at the top or right side of the page (with Google)
Organic Links- Results listed for free on the return page
Backlinks- links on one website that lead back to a different website

Atlanta internet marketing is a critical element of any online marketing campaign.  As more and more companies hire SEO firms and consultants, a comprehensive internet marketing strategy is important to Atlanta businesses who want to compete online.

Feel free to email me about any term or concept for a more detailed explanation.