As Facebook becomes the leading platform for paid social ads, Twitter plans to capitalize on users' timelines. According to the Financial Times, Twitter will introduce promoted tweets and insert them into a user's timeline. Promoted tweets will be like Facebook ads which will work as “targeted ads” as a way to filter relevant users for certain promoted tweets.

Aside from paid tweets inserted into Twitter streams, Twitter is considering plans to leverage from local tweets and turn them into a local deals option like Groupon. User data such as tweets, retweets, trends, and other real-time conversations on Twitter are seen as factors in offering limited-time deals. Furthermore, Twitter is also looking at the idea of account customization through enhanced profile pages for brands. Marketers and brand advocates will have their hands full when Twitter gives them control of ad placements in user streams.

Twitter anticipates revenues to catapult to about $100 million in 2011. Aside from that, Twitter is about to get a boost from its integration with Apple's next iPhone mobile software, no wonder it plans to come up with a Groupon-like service.

Twitter is a free social tool, the only thing it needs to do next is to monetize its services as more users sign up with one of the top social networking sites in the world today.