Just What is Search Retargeting Technology?

… want it in geek speak? Madison Avenue hype? Or language you understand?

To start with, everyone who has visited your website did not become a customer.

Well, why not??

  • You have good copy
  • You have a call to action
  • You have a great product

general-icons-38Because your customers are human

They flit across the internet.

There are so many sites out there! So much to see!

And our attention spans have dropped to practically zero.  A study by researchers at Carleton University found that people make judgments about a website within 50 milliseconds of viewing it. Blink.  50 milliseconds …

If you'd like hard science, these people have it: The Nielsen Norman Group has done studies, created graphs and charts, but their message in a nutshell?

Your Visitors Probably Aren't Staying Very Long

Nielsen Norman sums it up thusly:

left-quoteUsers often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds.

Search RetargetingYou might fix that by hiring a new web development team and maybe a couple of psychologists to tell you what colors you could use to promote more action, and do the squeeze page thing; then test the pages.  But you have to decide on the A/B test or the multivariate test, and ….

There's Got To Be a Better Way

Search RetargetingThere is.  Drum Roll, please. We'll note who your visitors are. We'll follow them around, picking up information about them. Then we'll compare them to your prime customer demographic. And when we've got the right data, we'll remind them of you. Subtly. We'll place your ad on the websites they visit. And we'll lead them back to you gently.

We retarget them at every opportunity, back to your site. Without being obtrusive. Search Retargeting.

They may take it as a sign from the Universe that they were supposed to make that purchase.  Or, as is human nature, when they repeatedly get the same message, ie, your product is there for them, they'll bite, or click as it were, and go back to your website to shop.

One Line of Code Added to Your Website

Yep, only one line of code will feed your customers into our system and we'll churn out the ads where they will see them. Instead of trying to drive the entire Google search population to your site, your can start selling to those people who came to your site and showed their interest. Your conversions will soar!

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