The recent NBA All Star weekend in LA proved to be a successful one again. Trending topics from Blake Griffin's astounding over-the-car dunk to a fantastic West All Stars win. To make the all star experience a complete success, the NBA has enhanced it with Facebook's open graph to generate data visualization for fans to access content and real-time conversation.

The page called “All Star Pulse” featured a plethora of real-time trending topics across the Web. It showed the most talked about events, celebrities, and all star events based on data from mass Facebook status updates.

The All Star Pulse page is pretty impressive. As you land on the page, statistics of trending topics are shown as they increased. Each topic presents recents stats which include total mentions, user mentions, mentions per hour, and mentions per minute! Now that's terrific monitoring for real-time stats!

Aside from some NBA teams' Facebook Places campaigns, Pulse is only the first step for the NBA's social media outreach. One NBA inside told us that they've been planning such ever since Facebook and Twitter were coming around. Facebook users have a thing for real-time visualization so it's a no-brainer why the NBA has launched this together with the All Star weekend. NBA is a global brand. Facebook is for global use. What's not to like?