Turn “Likes” into actual purchases.

This is the mantra of companies today, as Facebook proves to be the next digital step in increasing ROI and enhancing a brand's web presence. But wait a minute; your next-door neighbor promotes his shirt line on Facebook! It seems not only companies are selling their products online. Small and medium businesses are utilizing Facebook as a practical means to market their products as well. Enter: Facebook Commerce. The Facebook app that puts a premium to those who intend to sell on the social platform.

Facebook is a Marketplace

Ordinary people used to sell valuables over at eBay or customizing an online store using Multiply, but with more than a 500 million active users, it's a no-brainer that sellers are flocking to Facebook because that's where potential buyers are spending time when they go online. We reckon that more people are using the Internet nowadays for social networking purposes on Facebook. Users are spending more than 600 billion minutes in a month browsing the network.

It's crucial for businesses to establish themselves on Facebook as their primary arsenal in the competitive arena of e-commerce. Facebook is a marketplace. And every “Like” and “Share” is shaping consumer behavior in this age of social business.

From Fans to Customers

Thanks to the Like button, small and medium businesses can now build an instant fan base and interact with their target niche in order to sell products. Social business is overwhelming the Internet and Facebook sees the need for enhancing the social shopping experience. Thus, Facebook ramps up the game by giving small retailers e-commerce tools which can enhance their pages.

Facebook Commerce not only changes how businesses market and sell their products, it also paves the way for better community engagement that brings a lot to the table. Yes, 10,000 fans are nothing if you don't engage in conversations with them.

Thought Leadership Equals Trust

Sure, Facebook Commerce tools can enhance your pages; customer engagement is a huge aspect in increasing your fan base. E-commerce tools simply won't make your business thick if you're not capitalizing on customer relations management. A business owner's expertise matters that's why there's a status portion on your Facebook page. And in order to do such, a business owner should show their human side.

And with customer engagement comes the notion of thought leadership. That's what wine retailer turned Internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk. Many netizens consider Vaynerchuk as one of the forefathers of social business. He calls his fans, Vayniacs! Readers love him and trust his expertise. But you don't need to be funny to convert Likes into dollars. Always bear in mind that you’re the expert and customers will always ask you for suggestions and tips. When customers learn more from you, they are enticed and more likely to try your product out. Speak like an expert and not like a salesman.