Marketers have always thought if it's really possible to acquire leads through social media. As businesses enter the age of social business, marketers have integrated social media to the marketing mix. A couple of years ago, the focus were to build, establish, and engage with your fans on your Facebook page; today, the focus is how to amplify the buzz of organic social.

Wait, what exactly is organic social? Building a fan page or a twitter following from scratch without any help of paid social media campaigns is considered organic social. So if you're not using any auto-follow tools to increase the number of followers on your twitter account, then it's organic social.

Paid amplification of organic social could enhance any social media campaign, and businesses are taking notice. Those paid ads on Facebook that you appear on the right side is targeting relevant users. How? Facebook is using user content to feed us branded content like ads. You like pizza? Expect ads from Pizza Hut or Domino's. Facebook has become an essential for every branded content campaign, which reminds us that it can rival Google's near-infinite hold of organic search. Amplified organic social like Facebook ads are like SEM's PPC ad campaigns.

These enhanced online campaigns still depend on great brand content that companies feed their target niche with. But having a blog or placing paid ads to improve your social presence isn't enough. Branded content should contain value for target niches, and should be worth liking, sharing, and retweeting. When branded content is share or retweeted, leads won't come in an instant, but making users aware of your brand is a consolation already.

However, lead generation can't work without the synergy of branded content with other channels, social platforms also can't kick it alone. Most marketers still think that a healthy blend of advertising, digital PR, and social media presence etches a brand on consumer's mind with relevant content. Social media is a mere tool, it's like a megaphone that needs to be humanized to amplify and convey a message to a target niche.